Thursday, February 10, 2011


Me and my big mouth strike again.  I go through phases, periods of slack, then decide to come out of hiding again.  Mostly those 1st attempts are nonsense like my last post.  I said we were back.  We are in a sense but life, tragedy, and the trials of all that can be thrown by all that Is, has swept up a truly amazing, selfless, and undeserving group of people off of their feet for months now.  This last tragedy was so sudden, so unfair.  A good man is gone, some joy, and profound source of laughter has left this world which is eternal in it's saddness.  I am truly sorry and wish his wife and family my deepest condolences.  But a small favor....Greg, please watch over Keller and tell him stories of his incredible family.  Show him to laugh.
Food talk, happy talk, something positive soon to come I hope.

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  1. Right on Mike. He loved and respected food and was always a joy to be around. I know he'll take care of Keller and laughs will come natural as they did with anybody who had the pleasure of his company.