Monday, June 20, 2011

Food Bros. Menu #1

Sorry to take so long to post this.  It was great to finally cook with Chris and Brennan.  I was not really happy with my courses.  I guess I could summerize it as a mild to medium identity crisis.  My approach was jumbled which came across in my cooking, plating, and lack of adaptability.  But I learned a lot, I think I finally found my voice, and I was humbled by the inspired beauty I saw in the dishes of my food bros.
I am left eager to cook again. 

FoodBros. Menu #1

Sunday June 12th 2011

Hors D’oeuvres

fried chicken liver dumpling, soy marinated coriander seed, toasted anise
foie gras, Rainier cherry gastrique
little neck clam and black bass ceviche, peach , roasted poblano
New England clam chowder “on the half shell,” smoked tomato

1st Course

baby octopus, grilled watermelon, watermelon cocktail, clove sprout

2nd Course

spaghetti all’amatriciana
guanciale mousse ravioli, flash seared black bass, basil flower

3rd Course

slow cooked oxtail, white cheddar arepas, bing cherry BBQ, rosemary smoke

4th Course

steamed sworfish, crispy chicken skin, wilted sorrel, hot pepper vinegar

5th Course

london broil, brussel sprout, brown butter potato silk

6th Course

Singapore chilli crab
prawn, dungeness crab, chilled rice stick

7th Course

blueberry cobbler

8th Course

parsnip cheesecake, rhubarb, pistachio butter

9th Course

sopaipilla bread pudding, tres leches, habanero in multiple disguises

Friday, June 17, 2011

Foodbros. 12 course dinner....

Family and Friends, people who support us,......that's what this dinner was all about. For the most part at least, the other part was Brennan, Mike and I finally getting together and throwing down.....this is the first of many. For now I'm just gonna post the pics(the ones that fit at least, there are more but I can't figure out how to fit them on the page) and if Brennan and Mike want to drop some notes about the food even better......special thanks Sarah Deshaw and her excellent photography, we were truly can check out the rest of the photo's here at one of Sarah's Websites

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Things that are cool....

In Atlanta I found many things cool.  I found that I was an uncle again.  I got to hold a beautiful little girl, long overdo.  She is my family, she is perfect, and I love her and her mom and dad lots. 
I found an appreciation for food and local sustainability that was refreshing. 
I found that I love my wife more and more as the years and time go.
I also found that the Decalb farmer's market is a great place, really and truly, when you have no game plan and nothing other than an hour to kill and great music to wander to.
  I went to Atlanta with a brain bag of ideas for dinner because I knew and hoped I would be asked to cook by my food crazy brother.  This posed a fantastic and exciting challenge.  My brother's wife does not eat meat and could not eat dairy due to a possible dairy allergy in my baby niece.  I was forced outside of my comfort zone into seafood and what an adventure.  Pictures are not allowed in the Decalb Farmer's market but the fish market is great.  I wandered for quite a while.  I settled on a 3 lb. Branzini. I found galangal, snow pea tops, and peace.

1st course was a Pho style broth with seared Branzini, Shanghai bok choy, snow pea tops, and since there were no noodles in sight, unripe peach julienned.

2nd was farro creamed with avacado, chipotle mole, pico de gallo, and of course branzini

Great fun, hopefully food bros will be cooking together at a date, time, and place TBA