Thursday, February 3, 2011

Big Flats forever....

How strange is the day and long since the hours found refuge for my weary, burdensom soul.  This is real to me, was real anyhow.  I went on an awesome vacation with my wife and friends.  I got sick.  A host of nasty bugs prodded at me and my bits.  I went delirious at some moment through fits of ocean swells both external and those rocking my inner shores from end to end.  It sucked.  I felt like a bitch.  I was without relief, without end. 
But it was fun.  I spent the 1st night watching the waves break through moonlight while those I traveled with slept.  Before the party.  I took my wife to see the waves break.  We saw the Bahamas and Barry's daquiris, a strip mall with cheap booze, the bahamas version of Subway, moonshine, Half Moon Cay, and how difficult it is to serve 1000 people hot food in one seating.
It was an escape from it all.  I feel like a douche that it was not more memorable of one.  How interesting to serve 2000 people from a floating, moving hotel.  How bizarre the constraints.  Even water consumption, waste, storage, holding...what a nightmare. 
We're back.  Food Bros I mean.  Slowly.  It's funny how the cold that has raped the nation has slowed our collective skull to an output of mouse farts at best.  But things are happening.  Not to the degree that I say they will because I never live up to that which I say cause I'm a lazy person of massive sucking but we shalt try. 
I miss cooking with my brothers.  I miss cooking in general.  I miss Chris. more to come.  be good.... Go valentine's day......

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