Friday, February 26, 2010

State of the Blog Address......

Well what do we think................Is what we are doing worth reading?? Do we have something to contribute?? it all nonsense???

.....I don't think so, I started this blog after developing a strong affinity for the kings of this realm(if you don't know who they are just take a peek at the top right of the page). What I do like is the transparency of this blog....we tend to keep our emotions on our collective sleeve. Mike made the point a couple of weeks ago that we shouldn't just state what ingredient we used and what we did with it......but add some character and approachable reality to what we do........and I think that is a good point. I'll be honest, Mike almost quit the blog a week ago based solely on his passion of making his point the way he thought it would be most affective, that is the beauty of Foodbros. Three different aspects, styles, outlooks, and philosophies.

As far as the state of the blog....I think its blooming and I see nothing but blue skies ahead......I will add this however, we are looking to develop a logo so any of our artistic readers feel free to contact us about your ideas, also we will..."sooner than later".....hopefully....offer catering.

Anyways, Mike is in Florida, Brennan is in Georgia, and I am holding down the fort in South Carolina...never hesitate to contact any of us......more to come soon...

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