Thursday, February 25, 2010

What were you thinking about Ray?

Something like that anyways....Once again, no pictures. We just successfully pulled off the 1st batch of marshmallows. Unbelievable how simple some things are that you never consider trying on your own. No hocus pocus or molecular doodads just water, sugar, corn syrup, gelatin, and flavor. Too bad they don't make candy thermometers a bit more durable. Mine lasted about 20 minutes out of the package.
One of my guys had smores on the brain. He took crepes I had made and tried different stuffings. With much collaboration we unravelled Smores into graham cracker crepes, fresh marshmallow inside, hot cocoa in a espresso cup...still working on the rest of the components. Just excited that marshmallows are so easy. Now I want to work on savory meringes like the cooler Voltaggio brother made the one time.
For the marshmallow recipe, no plagiarizing. I used Alton Brown's. Lot's of his recipes work well actually.


  1. Oh man, at first when I read this I was like wow he made marshmallows, I wonder how much he paid for the molecular doodads, then I was like oh you don't need molecular doodads. You guys are really funny. I seriously thought you needed like a vacuum or something to make marshmallows.

  2. I agree...crazy and kind of enlightening that some things are really that easy to pull off. Just takes a little bit of curiosity...