Friday, April 29, 2011

"You have to work to get better...It doesn't just happen" brother humbly said at our chef's meeting today. The words stuck with me throughout the day. Although it's human nature to want to make things easier on yourself, choose a tv show or a video game instead of a cook book after a 12+ hour day. Anything that doesn't take anymore brain energy. I've found that you have to constently recommit yourself to this business to avoid slipping into the complacent "going through the motions" phase. It's not always easy or fun at times, but a great chef once told me that what you spend all your money and time on is what you eventually get really good at. It's time for me to recommit myself to the necessary homework this business demands to avoid stepping sideways for too long. It helps when your surrounded by people who share the same goals of moving forward. Sometimes you just have to hear said from someone else. Thanks for saying it Chris. And in case I haven't said it yet, I'm glad your back.

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