Friday, April 29, 2011

Small pleasures.....

Sonic commercials and a request from a wise one has had me wandering the boundaries of what a hot dog could be.  Call me silly but if every topping u can imagine was produced not only from scratch but from a higher level of respect than things canned, where is the end?  So far I have sourkraut, 2 mustards, coleslaw, chili, easy cheesy sauce, relish, pickled banana peppers and jalapenos, peppers and onions, and then bypassing the ketchup.  A previous attempt on the fly at work weeks back leaves me to nod fondly to Heinz and let them have their moment.  Sweet and hot Italian sausage, kettle chips, yukon fries, corn dogs, and arepas......gotta throw in something Mexican.  One more day of prep....after a little shrimp fest!

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