Saturday, February 19, 2011


In Atlanta.   My brother and sister-in-law live miles from a jealous for life, farmer's market.  A famous one.  I have spices to bring home and happy thoughts for my niece to be.  Lucky man Kevin.  For food access and from what I see from the baby bump and her mom, one beautiful and healthy baby girl.  We will be back.  Don't think for a second that I am not already planning her 1st tasting menu.  Gerber has nothing on my soft foods. 
To yonder faithful foodbros followers however few and far between, I am mid-post.  Thanks for continuing to check us out these last many months.  There is a 14 course dinner and lots of posts about such along with invites coming invite who we think we want.  If you want to come to a 14 course tasting for a meager charge comment back and get a seat.  We swears on the precious.

P.P.S.  Umphreys McGee, where have u been my whole life?

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