Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Another Big Catch From CherryPoint...

Its taken a little while to get accustomed to the way farmers just show up in your kitchen and say "Hey here is this Suckling Pig, 6 boxes of tomatoes, giant bags of sweet onions, have fun....." That didn't happen a whole lot in Jville. Its fun though, not complaining. Well it kind of works the same way with fish.

Almost on a weekly basis, one or two of the chefs here at Kiawah will go out to Cherrypoint and just pick out fish right off of the boat. It worked out great today when one of our chefs called me in the early afternoon, right after I had sent back some Halibut because it was from the Atlantic. I says "Hello"....he says "What would you like, wreckfish or barrelfish?" I chose wreckfish, one of my new favorite things to eat. The dish sold well:

Pan-seared Wreckfish, Hand-Rolled Crab Agnolotti, Prosecco Tempura Asparagus and Warm Dijon Cream.....really enjoyed snacking on the Prosecco Tempura Asparagus...........

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