Saturday, May 22, 2010


I had never tasted Wreckfish until I moved to is delicious. Apparently Chucktown plays host to one of the few places Wreckfish concentrate for spawning. They can be caught all throughout the Atlantic but are only harvested off the coast here in an area called the "Charleston Bump," 80-130 miles offshore.

The flavor is relative to Grouper and I have read that its texture is comparable to Swordfish but I get a slight flakiness that reminds me of sea bass. We decided to give this guy a pan sear and let the fish speak for itself......

Keeping with our rustic Italian cuisine, a ragu of spiny lobster and golden tomato seemed fitting, tossed with fresh pasta and herbs. The foam is made of lobster stock and truffle oil, solid flavors for a solid fish.....

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