Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Red Pepper Gnocchi..

Last night was Tomasso's 1 year anniversary so we offered a flat 25% discount on every check with a free desert station. Despite our frugality these days I was allowed to get some grouper and run a special. The dish had a roasted red pepper potato puree(which sold extremely well I might add). So.....after last nights aftermath, I have all this red pepper potato puree(for those of you who have never worked with me I have an extreme tendecy to over do it). I wonder................... What should I do with all this puree???I decided to see if I could make a dough somewhat like a gnocchi and use it again in a different way. I was extremely pleased with the results, the color came through and the texture was fantastic, my only issue was the loss of the red pepper flavor from adding additional ingredients. I solved this problem by keeping some of the puree for a sauce. As far as the dough was concerned, I was most worried about the fact that the puree had a substantial amount of cream and butter in it, and how would this affect the dough. For what its worth, I thought it worked perfect, it felt like a regular gnocchi dough. Furthermore, the end result justified the means......

Caraway Crusted Grouper, Roasted Red Pepper Gnocchi with Kalamata Butter, Basil Oil

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