Saturday, February 20, 2010

OMG!! Does he, like, cook for you at home, like, all the time?!

That is probably the single most asked question I get after I tell someone that my husband is a chef. Don’t be embarrassed if you have asked me this before, I know you just can’t help yourself. :)
Well, here it is….YES, in fact, he does. And yes, it is awesome. The next reaction I get is almost one of relief when they subtly imply, unintentionally for the most part, that I can’t cook. Which I can, but we won’t get into that (just ask Mike about my meatballs! lol).
The truth is that being married to a chef is pretty great. Aside from the fact that I get to spend forever with my best friend and an awesome human being, I am always learning/experiencing new things from him. I grew up in Texas where we had amazing Mexican food-seriously amazing. La Nopalera is ok in a pinch, but ultimately not even close to being in the same league as real Tex-Mex food. In fact, I would kill for some Chuy’s, Pappasitos, Taco Cabana, or even Casa Ole (I know Michele is with me on this one :) ). My sister still lives in Houston and she knows how to send me in to a jealous rage with a simple text informing me that she is having lunch at Chuy’s right this very minute! Oh to live in a city that has a food scene!
I wouldn’t say that I was incredibly food cultured when Mike and I started dating. I have traveled a bit, so I wasn’t scared of ethnic or adventurous cuisine, but I was leery of things that I would come across that were on my will-not-try list. He would tell me stories about some of the things he had eaten over the years at previous jobs, or while in France and I would politely nod my head, but would secretly cringe at the thought. Really, goose liver?! How could that ever taste good?!
But, that in itself is why it is great to be married to a chef. Food that you once thought unimaginable and disgusting is all of a sudden not so terrible anymore, delicious actually. It’s amazing the technique and respect that goes in to preparing ingredients that the average person would deem, well, gross. Take foie gras. When he explained to me that it was goose liver, I was a little repulsed. Side note here- It can be incredibly insulting to a chef that has painstakingly prepared something that someone will not even try before ‘poo-pooing’ it. Not that they would ever tell you that but trust me, it can sting a little. So, after realizing my faux pas, I agreed to at least try the smallest bite I could get away with. To my surprise, it was delicious. I should tell you that I’m not some renegade chef’s wife that will try anything and everything. I’m not trying to put myself over by any means- I still draw my lines in the sand and there are some things that I absolutely will not try for now anyway.
Mike and I have had some pretty amazing meals at some pretty amazing places; Opus 39, Babbo, WD 50, Morimoto, The Georgian Room and of course Zaitoon to name a few. Most would be surprised to read that our favorite meal actually happens at our house once, or sometimes twice, a week. Yep, I’m talking about the wonder that is Taco Night. There is nothing better than when Mike gets to come home early during the week and make tacos. I’m not talking about the McCormick’s Taco seasoning packet or the Taco Bell box-o-meal that you get on the ‘ethnic food’ isle at the grocery store. We are on a ground turkey kick right now, which makes for great tacos. Ground turkey paired with freshly made salsa or pico de gallo is pretty fabulous.
This part is for the single ladies/guys out there that are ready to pounce on the next dude/chick they see in chef whites. So far I’ve painted a pretty rosy picture, right? This is my one and only warning to you. Be ready to never enjoy another meal out again. I’m serious. Don’t even get me started on when you have two or, God forbid, three chefs together at one meal. They will pick apart every single detail. I’m not going to lie, it can be pretty annoying at times, especially when it is your birthday dinner at a nice place (yes I’m referencing a specific event-you know who you are-lol). How do you overcome this one might wonder. Simple, you must ally yourselves with those chef’s significant others. Not only will they make eating out together fun, but it will also serve as your support group.
The support group comes in handy because the downside of the chef profession, especially if you are part of the resort world, are the late nights and you can forget about holidays. Valentine’s Day that is actually celebrated on Valentine’s Day? Um, what is that? I think I have gotten one real Valentine’s Day with Mike the whole time we have been together (and by real I mean actually on 2/14). We are lucky that Mike works for a privately owned restaurant so we get to share most major holidays together like Christmas and Thanksgiving. Having worked in the restaurant world for six years, I remember all to well having an early Thanksgiving dinner with my family so I could rush to work to serve the other half that couldn’t be bothered. To each his own, but for me, I couldn’t imagine not cooking at home for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. Maybe it’s because I know how much it sucks to work on Christmas Eve or Thanksgiving just so you can have Christmas Day off. The key is to surround yourself with people in the same boat.
In closing, I think I speak for Courtney and Kristin when I say how proud we are of our boys. I have watched them for the past six years (God we are getting old!) go from working a pantry station, to working sauté (Thank God they finally got over themselves-lol. you know how you boys were on that station), to working at different restaurants on the same property. Then it was different restaurants in different cities, now in different states. This blog is a terrific way for each of you to showcase how far you have come. You knew it would get sappy with a chick writer. Sorry. :)
P.S. It says posted by Mike, but he doesn't get the credit for this one. :) - Becca

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  1. Awesome becca...really. You were tame. I know we deserve much harder lashings and perhaps we will get them in the future. You are my love, my life, my critic, and thanks for not dwelling on the gross drunken man love parts of the profession!