Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The dark age before pictures

Unfortunately, no pictures. My goal is to swipe my wife's old digital to have on hand at the restaurant. I have no idea how to get pics off my phone. Menu was simple, nice, excellent halibut from Iceland. I even kept a head to harvest the cheeks and neck. I soaked them in coconut milk, cumin, and maple syrup then pan roasted in butter. The dessert was a pain. I got a fantastic tuile batter recipe from David Waltuck's Staff Meals of Chanterelle but I had a problem with them softening up after only an hour. This may sound stupid but after segmenting a case of clementines, the drippings were the best OJ I have ever tasted. I did a clementine screwdriver intermezzo for some friends sunday night. What a sorbet they will make!

Just to put it on record and after some constructive criticism, I mean no ill will towards cooks at large or the general dining public. To those who don't know me well, I push buttons intentionally. Sometimes I make Andy Rooney look as optimistic as the dalai lama. I think I've addressed this before. Most times I don't see further than if I was writing to myself. I want people to read this blog. I want people to furthermore be engaged by it, learn a little, and take us seriously. I need to work harder at that. Maybe tone down the potency of things sucking. I just like that word. At the risk of showing my hand, it's all just banter. No harm intended. The real meaty stuff that sticks is all that matters. If you find us intriguing, different, or at least worth checking out once or twice a week, help us spread the word. We are going through some growing pains, viewership is our Advil.

I emulsified the cannellini bean puree with bacon and a rediculous amount of Foie fat. I poach Grade B foie in duck fat for a compound butter and the fat becomes foie gold. It was heavenly. Yes, I borrowed the dessert course from my wife's b-day dinner. Too good to not try again..

Valentine’s Day
Sunday February 14th 2010
1st course
Warm goat cheese tart, crisp prosciutto, macerated mission figs

2nd Course
Pears, candied almonds, clementines, mesclun greens, champagne vinaigrette

3rd Course
Roasted Atlantic halibut, t ruffled cannellini bean puree, wilted arugula and mustard greens, cabernet sauvignon and morel reduction

4th Course
Strawberry gelato, olive oil tuile, mascarpone mousse, Irish shortbread, dark chocolate straws

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