Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Where does it come from?

Honestly,....you'll notice I use the (...) for dramatic pause and abuse it to no end but I'm no writer......really, where does it come from? Thomas Keller talks about feeling like shit or something along that line and going for ice cream. There in the midst of three melty scoops of haggen daz he has a vision of salmon tartare in a cone. From what it seems, it's become one of his trademarks. Inspiration from despair? Perhaps it's just that when we are most vulnerable or thinking so outside the confines of the world of the real, that the abstract or the "that ain't gonna to go together;" just seems to work.
It doesn't always work. I think we can all burn a couple candles for dishes we had to send off to viking funerals because they just didn't work, in fact they sucked ass and failed miserably. But sometimes, more often after time and the longer you've been in it. The longer your taste has seen and wrapped it's paws around flavors. It seems you kinda tap into this collective whatever, let's say it's pipped through the exhaust, but you find yourself combining things that shouldn't work but your tongue tells some part of your brain, yes.......and sometimes it's brilliant.
I was looking for a picture to post. I dug through the computer, found a bunch of shit I don't remember, probably from old iron chef battles @ 3am w/ chris or bennan, and I found this picture. I was maybe a year out of culinary school and for some reason was stuck on halibut, avacado, and making a cilantro pink lemonade syrup. I have no idea why, but it worked.


  1. I totally remember this one, it was awesome, should certainly be revisited .......

  2. Mike, you hit the "that just ain't gonna go together" thing on the nose. Went to dinner a few nights ago at a local joint and brought a bottle of Mauritson"s Rockpile zin with. Wasn't in the mood for red meat and the only pasta dish they had to offer was a boulanaise, which to me sounded like glorified spaghettio's. So, dispite my fellow diners best efforts I went with a spicy zuppa de pesce, and what do you know... It went well together. The wine was big but the spicy richness of the dish allowed it to pair properly. Thats the problem these days, people think outside of the box, but not far enough outside of the box. Cheers