Monday, April 16, 2012

Event Horizon

Yes, the name of a super creepy, scratch that, super terrible movie but also a great descriptor for things to come.  Epically huge things like watches with tv remotes built in and those ever useful pants with the buttons down the sides so you can rip them off in a mad dash without destruction, like a costumed superhero on a budget.  I foresee a series of Event Horizons like ripples on a calm sea.  Food horizons and life horizons.  One of us has went to the national learned meca of things culinary,  one of us has done the ultimate grace to this earth by bringing another beautiful life into being, and lastly, one of us has stepped out of the heat for a spell.  Lots of change since last I saw new words and ideas here.  Hopefully there will be more soon.  Or even an event horizon and this that was will be past and something new will ripple out.  I don't think we are done though.  Not even close......

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