Thursday, March 24, 2011

New things......

I don't really get excited about too much.  I tried to convince myself and my wife that I was really into astronomy a few years back and Needed a super bad telescope.  Then it moved onto a PS3.  Both of which I have the unfortunate truth of saying that I have the attention span of an eight year old on their best of days.  However, and in the realest sense, this curse is selective at best.  There are those things and events that hold, captivate, and steal my attention as well as my soul at times.
Off the top of my head I'll say Top Chef, my wife, tacos, Umphrees McGee, my yard, my new bamboo streamer, Saveur, my wife, my somewhat stressful job, and my soon to be new knife. 
I have been on the hunt for years internally but about a month or so real time.  It has been 3 years I think since my last new knife and a world away.  I can count the number of chef coats and Birks I have gone through and all were the same.  But this knife had to mean something different for me.  It was a change of thought or symbolic some way.  I have always used Wustof.  My baby is a 6 inch white handled beauty.  Sure I have to switch to a 8 inch for fish or meat butchering or a 5 inch utility for cleaning poultry or pork but I love that knife.
I knocked the tip off, corrected, the tile floor knocked it off after the 20th leap off a table.  I was sad for a while.  Now I am excited.  Brennan and I talked knives a bit and I decided on Horimoto.  It's like welcoming a new member of the family.  Not sure you trust them, having to prove their worth but exciting non the less.  Hope I like it.  Hope all who read are still doing well.  Paella this weekend.  My take anyways.  Dreaded paella.  Until the next and welcome back into town Mr. Pyk......

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