Monday, December 6, 2010

reflection and words to come...

Monday Dec. 6th, 2am.  Back home on the couch, reeling from barely being back from NYC and the cold an hour.  When we stepped off the plane and into the Florida air, now colder than Manhattan, an airline worker joked "welcome to New York!"   
Only's great to be home but I miss the noise and the pulse.  I sat down to unwind, debate eating the other half of a corned beef and pastrami from Lansky's on the upper west side, debate how many bagels to freeze, and try and put down a few words before returning to the grind.  The only real thought I have to express right now is that I have a LOT to write about.  It would be a disservice and injustice for me not to put all I saw and felt and tasted into words.  At the risk of sounding selfish, it's as much if not more for me than you, the reader.  I can not and will not forget food memories so significant.  Everytime I come back from NYC, I feel different.  It is my test kitchen, my role model, my inspiration.  It makes me a better cook.  It makes me a better person I think.  I hope, I hope. 
A simple walk through a meat market in Chinatown, 10 minutes of one day, changed me.  I can't say how, not right now at least but it did.  The crazy American snapping pictures, giggling to himself, wide eyed with delight.  But I did not feel awkward or unwelcome.  Respect, admiration, and childlike wonderment breaks down cultural and liguistic barriers.  I gotta post pictures of the vats of live frogs and eels. 
Ok, lots of writing to do.  It might take a few days but the food chronicles will be up here soon enough.  Anyone that wants to start up the Send Food Bros To Take Over NYC fund, please do.  I am eager to share a meal with my brothers in food.  Till next time.....

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