Monday, December 27, 2010

Past, Present, Future

Smoked sausage and tasso ham, Okinowan yam custard with orange caviar, Farmers cheese crusted with rosemary, black pepper and sea salt.
Faced with the task of creating the future part of Amelia Island's new signature amenity which I interpret as being a mix of new technique and older crafts such as charcuterie and cheeses, I came up with this dish and it was well recieved. Although the panna cotta style custard is nothing futuristic, spherification is something still something being experimented with. Even if it is probably the most basic method(the agar, oil method or in my case the gelatin, oil method). Chris will have to school me on some of the more complex ways of doing it. As for the sausage and cheese, we're trying create an identity for the plantation. One that embraces the new techniques but also respects and practices the age old crafts that have been around for years. More to come as we progress.

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