Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I'm fat because I eat and I eat because I'm fat.....ummm fat!

Hello San Dimas High!  I am off on another epic weekend of glutony in NYC.  This yearly outing to ravage the bowels of all things food in the big city literally consumes my thoughts for months if not 12 straight.  Last year the main focus was Wd50 and Babbo.
    This year's journey comes from a soulful place, a simple place, mostly anyways.  I wanted to try as much as possible instead of going all out on 1 or 2 meals.  Some choices were researched and some simply fell into our laps.  The list is in order of appearance: Carmines, Ippudo, WD50, Di Fara Pizza, Marc Forgione, Momofuku, Barbuto, and Lansky's deli.  I will with all my best efforts, detail each day with a little diary/monologue while everything is fresh including some backround on the choices.  There are some other quests to write about also namely salt bagels, food trucks, San Daniele Prosciutto, and Pink Floyd and the Doors on vinyl.   God I love New York!  Try back everynight and I swear I'll do my hardest to have entries until monday and hopefully pictures.  Till next time....

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