Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Poulet Rouge aka Naked Neck Chicken

Most of the time spent in my car on the way to work is spent thinking about what I'm going to cook for specials. It allows me to develop a game plan for when I walk in the door, sometimes though its a little depressing when you've been trying to save money and not order exciting expensive ingredients. So, I was walking into the kitchen thinking I was about to put together a rustic pasta special, instead, I walk into a case of poulet rouge that the resort Exec Chef ordered for us. Reinvigorated and ready to work with a new product I took a knife to a steal, slapped on my armor(apron, I'm a bit of a sci-fi dork), and got to work. I immediately noticed that the birds have long slender looking bodies, the limbs especially, it kind of reminded me of duck.

Certainly I was not going to 8 piece it and fry it up, I decided to take the long route with the old school galantine technique. After I took all the skin off and made a farce out of the meat I rolled them up and poached them in a soft simmer for 15 mins. Now, I will say this is one of those moments that I get slightly aggravated that the resorts best equipment (cryovac, circulator, activa, etc.) are reserved for the hotel and The Atlantic Room, I think I could have been a little happier with the end result with some of those resources, maybe in next years budget we'll see.

After shocking them in an ice batch I cut portions and set the line up to produce the dish. I knew I was going to use polenta and king trumpet shrooms. That's about as Italian as took this, I stretch those boundaries as much as I can.

In a pan with medium heat I crisp the skin by constantly turning the chicken, this also finishes the cooking process because they were only about 70% of the way there.....

The flavor of the poulet rouge is truly fantastic, I would definitely say richer and deeper than normal chicken. I think everyday folks are so used to tasting mass produced, KFC style mutant chicken Frankensteins that sometime true poultry flavor is forgotten. Believe me, you can taste the difference. I used stock from the bones and foie gras butter to make the sauce and put it over the top, garnish with grilled onions and lemon verbena foam......delicious......

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