Monday, July 12, 2010

Dollar General Challenge Part 1

Dollar General Tasting
Sunday, July 11th
1st Course
masa flour chicken crepe, Spam tamale, roasted arbol and guajillo chile, nacho cheese, Dorito powder

2nd Course
bacon and eggs

3rd Course
compressed Ramen noodle

4th Course
fried chicken and beans

5th Course
spaghetti alla carbonara, crisp Spam, artichoke and Albacore ravioli, pea puree

6th Course

7th Course
Dirt Cake

What fun! What a challenging mess! We fed 10 people 7 courses for about $115. I did 1st course then Brennan, me, Brennan, me, etc. The menu is vague. Promise to write some descriptions tomorrow as I'm sure Brennan will also. Till next time.....

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