Thursday, June 24, 2010

Till Death Do Us Post.......'s been a while. The raft I was floating around on (pardon me), the refrigerator/inter tube combo I was borrowing on the Atlantic finally drifted into an oil patch and I was rescued by some tree-hugging, porpoise humpers. In fact, it was those whale war keeper wackos. They saw nets being deployed, they opened an arsenal of non lethal smell-er-y then shotgun-er-y. Turns out we were in the gulf. Turns out, tis only shrimps in yonder nets.....Sorry folks, lieutenant Dan started off with no legs, now he has no head. What a world! Damaged for life I shalt be.
What about food you.........
So, I have a couple pictures to post with captions. I have become enamoured with a banana pepper plant and meyer lemon tree-esque thing in my yard. They are relatively significant to me. I also fashioned a smoker of sorts that needs discussion. It was not miraculously but functionally beautiful!

On short notice, I have this to write. I lie. On lack of motivation and timing, I have this. It's the title of my next blog. A real one. I just wanted to put it out as he did so I can look at it again and think before I elaborate on my view......
"A cook and a chef are different entities. "chef" is a title...But when you are a cook, that is who you are. It's your spine and your soul."
I never wanted to be a chef. I guess that's where I'm going with this. Till next time and sooner than later.......

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  1. Thank goodness you broke the ice, every night for the past weeks I have been driving home after 12+ hour shifts saying "I have got to post tonight...." Now I feel a little more "charged", will you be attending dinner at Dale's sunday..?