Sunday, May 2, 2010

Smoked Mahi, Squash puree, Pink peppercorn meuniere

The mahi was cold smoked by ignited wood chips and immediately putting out the flames by suffocating it in an enclosed space with the fish a safe distance from the heat and then put straight into the walkin. Make sure to do it when the service staff is around to see it so they think your about to burn the kitchen down.
Meuniere is French for "miller's wife." Traditionally meaning a fish lightly dusted with flour, sauteed and then dressed with lemon juice and parsley.

Lightly cured for about 45 minutes. Equal parts salt and granulated sugar, basil, pink peppercorns. Quick curing fish is not only good for forming a pellicle for smoking but it also adds flavor and increases shelf life without changing the integrity of the meat.

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  1. Enjoyed this one even though I'm not normally a fan of swordfish. The fire was a little alarming. lol