Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine's Hiatus

Right on Brennan...

Really, smack that dough around like she owes you money. But how did you of all people master the intricate art of cut and paste video? No offense but what else are you hiding? I'm computer retarded and I still woop your butt at Halo or Bond everytime we play. Not fair but thanks for the visual.

That's all I have this week. Really. Valentine's has me in the shop 12-13 hours a day this past tues. till sunday. I'll post the menu in the aftermath. Just wanted to say hi, razze my snuggle buddy, and say, hope readers have a great V Day. Go support your local, sustainable restaurant scene. Capital Grill, Cantina Laredo, PF Chang's, and God help me Cheesecake factory are NOT local or sustainable. Don't get me started on the damn all you can eat soup or breadsticks antichrist.

Share something meaningful with the one you love or adore. Try Thai for the 1st time. Drink sangria over tapas. Ponder the menu at a vietnamese Pho dive; go for the rare beef. Cuban, portuguese, hell, a french bistro w/ pate and a decent cheese selection. Valentine's day is about bonding, shared experience, growing together. Let those who hopefully know best, really mean to, and pull it from scratch through mind and heart give you a memorable experience and warm your bellies and hearts. 99% guarantee, none of the above mentioned does heat bag, cut, serve cooking.
Eat well, drink well, sleep well....Till next time.

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