Monday, February 8, 2010

Last Night's Amuse

Seared Scallop, Tomato Clam Cous Cous, Scallion, Balsamic

The picture quality is embarrassing I know. When I get everything from Jville up here I'll have better equipment, until then I have to live through the foggy lens of a cell phone.

Anyone tried Mike's bread recipe????? I'm starting on one that I want to make olive crisp with....


  1. i feel your pain with the cell phone camera. let me get your email so I can give your brother my address for some cheese. I can trade for some lardo!!

  2. Deal bro, my email is, by the way, do yall get actual products from The Black Hoof guys, or do you just follow the blog???

    There stuff looks great...would love to get my hands on some it...