Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Forget all other pasta recipes and make this one your baby

1000g. Farina 00' flour, 3 eggs, 27 yolks, 1/4 cup olive oil, 1/4 cup milk. You can't over work this dough. If time allows you, let it rest over night(a couple of hours will due if your in the weeds). This is your dough for any stuffed pasta you want to make. I'm a sucker for the trumpet shaped tortellini as opposed to the closed shaped. The high walls make for a perfect resting place for sauce and other hidden components you want to incorporate into the dish. A chef that I've worked for, who's better than I'll ever be gave me this COMMAND, "don't anticipate how your guests are going to eat, you make them eat your food the way you want them to." When you compose a dish you have components balanced to stimulate all angles of the palate. The only problem is that the diner doesn't always eat the food the way that you want them to. So you plate your food in a way so that they have to eat all components of the dish together the way you intended them to. The trumpet shaped tortellini is the perfect example. Pipe your filling onto a sheet of pasta dough about 3 wide. Fold the sheet over as if your about to make agnolotti. Seal the the dough with the appropriate ring mold and cut half moons. Hold the half moons up side down with the flat side facing out. Egg wash the left point and connect the right point to it. With your thumb, gently push down on the middle to flatten the bottom. The center should kind of resemble a belly button.

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