Friday, February 5, 2010

Ahhh ingredients, desert islands as we see....

Ok..... next step.....

I'm talking about bread if you don't keep up. I would feed the sucker. Same as last time. Here's where lots of variance may start. Can you find semolina flour or high gluten/bread flour or malt/barley extract? Look in the hippy stores. The crunchy, nag champa drenched grocery hide outs and you may have some luck. That's going to make the final steps well.....closer to what we might want. At least try to find bread flour.

It has a higher starch content. This means that basically it will fight you back if you mess with it. Opposed to regular all purpose flour, HG(high gluten) forms stronger bonds when you work it, and creates texture. Wonderbread uses SAL flour meaning Sucks At Living flour.

Next we should talk about possible flavor options. Fresh herbs, nice oils, salts, olives, cheeses, spices......all of these can be worked into your bread depending on your likes and dislikes. Take a minute or two. Think about what you want your first bite to be, then think about the second loaf....they don't have to be the same.

Take this opportunity as you feed your new baby to ponder the inevitable conclusion....your complete and utter satisfaction and etherial joy of creation that you can eat.....and bathe in butter or olive oil.
Don't worry, if you actually have read this and started, you are so far above anyone. Feed your starter every day, ponder this next move, and think about this. A sheet pan/cookie tray, spray bottle, a thermometer to see what temp. your oven actually cooks at, ice cubes, and a bat to smash and fend off those who smell the finished product...or zombies...for real, you have to be prepared, I only have so much room....

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