Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ummmm....I ate at IHOP the day I got married and you were at my apartment barfing!!

Maybe it was Brennan whatever...
I am psyched. Really, I am psyched. Pick, sorry not Pyk (that is lame dude), had an awesome post with some very real truths about this business. So here's the story...we both had a hard week. We have our perspective issues to deal with. We talked for a long time tonight to vent blah blah blah but here's where the fine line drops. We all have obstacles. No one doesn't. We are blessed to live in a country where our potential personal disasters are so few and far between. And where does that get us? Look in the eyes of someone when they come into the kitchen....scratch that, look at their hands. Watch them. For the new year I posted my kitchen new year's resolutions, one of which negativity. It gets into the food. It dulls it. It poisons it. It makes food suck. Watch their hands.
I try, I really try to make the connection every time. When you pick up a piece of fruit, a fish, an's a blessing. This is not some man made BS...we don't deserve this. It was REAL, living, it deserves respect and it tastes amazing.
Your hands suck. I see you manhandling that tomato. Yes, it's bruised. So what. Cut out the bruise. Dice what you deem usable and throw the rest in your stock. Hold it and make spag. sauce one day, dry it out and make a powder. I can hear how dull your knife is. Do you not care? Do you not have a soul? Making fun of a little kid, do you not have soul? (I can do movie references too pick!)
But I digress, do you not care? If I were a clerk, scratch that, an illustrator, and my pens always kept running out of ink, I'd be like, "man this sucks, guess I need a new pen." Trust me, here's my analogy pending copyright..never trust a cook with a dull knife....cause he's a retard. Maybe just the 1st part!
Guess I just wish there were more people in my neck of the woods that really saw food. I still say that every cook in America should go abroad. IT WILL CHANGE YOU. No BS. It will. I see bread and cheese different now among other things. Innards too. I love the feet, the livers, the tongue, it's all relatively usable if not delicious. I have a story I wrote years ago about living in France I think I would like to post someday.
Pick is right. We care. I'm glad to know people who do. I surround myself with them. We eat, sleep, and breath the same life and language. I love what we do. It's how we share joy with the world....

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  1. for the record it was Brennan barfing.....definitley you should copyright that statement about the dull knife...