Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I wanted to rant about Totinos and I will but I just wanted to share a few words about some excitement. I liked Pyk's post about the mental and physical process of creating a dish. My wife's Bday is next monday. Brennan and I are doing what is currently a 7 course dinner. She asked for italian. He has shared his thoughts with me for his courses but I'll leave it to Brennan to tell you the specifics. I've been rolling it over in my head for a few weeks, constantly looking for inspiration. A reuben at Katz's then pig's feet and marrow bones at Publix. I am looking at 1st..fritto misto of calamari and artichoke, puttanesca, and banana pepper puree. 2nd..chianti braised pig's foot agnolotti w/ roasted marrow. 3rd..Duck Rueben....pastrami cured duck breast, caraway ravioli of nappa cabbage and fresh yolk, pickled radish, and gruyere broth. 4th....some dessert. No idea. Very exciting. I'll post the final menu and pictures after sunday night...

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