Saturday, January 30, 2010

Book burnings and if people were food: what would they be?

I thought long and hard about this one. It's been eating at me for weeks. But I hesitate. What is this blog about? I see plenty of food blogs just about product. Technique. Ok. What about a little story line. Mystique. I think it makes it more interesting, more personable; especially to the non professional who is equally interested in our jargon. Maybe this blog was supposed to be more technical or structured than anything I though that people might find interesting related to the subject. But that's all I have. Random thoughts. Believe me, food is at their epicenter, hope and encouragement underlying, and my one wish is that; this is understood. Please don't delete me. I put lot's of time and effort into this. Let the people decide.

On the shallowest of levels, my world was rocked a few weeks ago. Conan was getting pushed out. I did think long and hard about this. I wanted it to make food sense. I work early to late, eat late, watch TV late, always have and it's fitting that Conan relates so heavily to food at least for me.

If Jay Leno was a food he would be a TV dinner. Not even a good one. Maybe a Banquet or Lean Cuisine. The whatever, it'll fill you but nothing more, cheap shot, easily forgotten, adored by the lame, lonely, and eldery. When you are hungry/restless or just want to pass an hour before sleep overtakes you, this will do. Plus, not all the parts heat up well together. It starts off warming up from stone cold frozen; has pockets of heat, potatoes are raging, and the salisbury steak is a hockey puck. Jay Leno sucks.

If Conan Obrien was a food, this was really, really hard to work out. On my first attempt, he is like Sushi. Young, hip, good for you, sometimes kinda out there, based on revenence and loyalty to great product, no matter how much you get you are always hungry 2 hours later, and adored by the drunk or stoned. He made a home for me, a lap of Totinos pizza, a late night, and a place Phish used to rock out the mainstream media, besides Lettterman.

15 years. When I think of Conan I think of Simpsons, APT, cold Bozanans, and soupedy sups. I fell into this profession by accident, lots of prodding by those I'm grateful to, and most importantly, many long nights of debauchery. I had a house full of friends and I was the salvation. Whatever we had to work with, it would happpen. A night that will remain untouched is when Matt Malinowski asked me in the morning how me and my best comrad Micah ate a whole jar of mayo the night before. Don't recall, but it got me here. You all helped get me here. Team Coco all the way....and team Golden Eye big head paintball mode......

The list could be endless. What food would you be? Better yet, what food would those closest describe you as? I'm sorry but when I leave this place I would rather be described as a memorable taste than a "good person". Shout out to APT. I miss you guys more than you could imagine and hope everyone is well if not as awesome as Soom always seems to be. Nice status. Till next time...
The picture is a great shot of Becca's dinner. A place setting,a 5 day starter Altumura bread and the menu.


  1. I agree with you, the blog is supposed to include stories and background. Still, we should try to include technique, ingredients, and process as well as culinary philosophy.